Indian History MCQ-279

Who put forward the theory of the “Drains of Wealth”?

(A) Rajani Pam Dutta
(B) M.G. Ranadey
(C) R.C. Dutta
(D) Dadabhai Nauroji

Peasants lost their rights over the land cultivated by them due to:

(A) The Mahalwari Settlement
(B) The Permanent Settlement
(C) The Ryotwari Settlement
(D) None of the above

Indicate the correct chronological order in Which the following reformers undertook their missions.

I. Visveswara
II. Ramanuja
III. Chaitanya

IV. Kabir

(A) I, II, III, IV
(B) I, II, IV, III
(C) II, I, IV, III
(D) IV, II, 111, I

The largest number of copper coins were issued by the:

(A) Kushanas
(B) Satavahanas
(C) Guptas
(D) Sakas

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on

(A) 30 January 1949
(B) 30 January 1948
(C) 26 January >948
(D) 30 January 1950

The first Paleolithic site was found in India by Robert Brush foot at:

(A) Anantang
(B) Mirzapur
(C) Madras (Chennai)
(D) Bharatpur

Assertion (A) : The sabha and samiti, the two political bodies of the Rig Vedic Aryans, began to lose their strength during the time of the Mahajanapadas.

Reason (R) : These tribal assemblies could not fit into the organizational framework of the large territorial states.

(A) Both A and R are true and R is the cor­rect explanation of A.
(B) Both A and R are true but R is not a cor­rect explanation of A.
(C) A is true but R is false.
(D) A is false but R is true.

In which year was the non-cooperation movement withdrawn?

(A) 1917
(B) 1820
(C) 1922
(D) 1923

Assertion (A) : It was during the Non-cooperation Movement that Mahatma Gandhi used ‘Satyagraha’ for the first time.

Reason (R) : Mahatma Gandhi was of the view that Satyagraha was the only weapon using which one can fight against evil and unjustice.

(A) Reason (R) is true but the Assertion is false.
(B) Assertion (A) is true but the Reason (R) is false.
(C) A and R both are true but the Reason R is not the correct explanation of A.
(D) A and R both are true and Reason (R) is the correct explanation of R. –

What was the main demand of the Temaga movement?

(A) Demand of respectful treatment
(B) Demand of Levying tax at the rate of the one-third of the total yield
(C) Increasing wages
(D) Abolishing Zamindari System

The Battle of Talikota was fought in the year

(A) 1565
(B) 1526
(C) 1586
(D) 1576