Indian History MCQ-262

Indian History MCQ test for IES,CSAT,SSC,Railways,Central Excise,APPSC Exams

In Rigveda, mention of ‘Indra’ and ‘Agni’ has been made in how many hymns (Suktas)?


Who described the revolt of 1857 as battle between the barbarism and the civilization?


The word ‘Samrat’ finds mentioned for the first time in which of the following treatise?


During Shivaji’s reign in his Maratha state, who of the following completed a new revenue assessment system by an elaborate survey of land?


Deeply I studied clearly I concluded that ”the inefficiencies of the military was the major cause not the single one for the decline of the empire”. Who of the following is associated with this statement?


Arrange the following in chronological order:
1 . HiuenTsang
3 . Itsing


French power declined in India after


Which of the following Ashoka’s inscriptions has been obtained in two languages (Greek, Armeic)?


Which of the following religious literatures was translated into Persian under the little Razmnamah?


During the time of Confucius, China was under the rule of which of the following dynasties?


Where Chandragupta spent his last days?


Who among the following has not written a commentary on Manusmriti?


Who translated Tuzuk-i-Bauri into PeTsian?


Which one of the following was not authored by Annie Besant?


The Paramaras established themselves in the Malwa region with their capital at:


William Hakins arrived in India in the ship called:


Which of the following was not the achievement of Lord William Bentinck?


Which ruler of the Nanda dynasty built the city of Patliputra at the confluence of Ganga and Sone river and made it his capital?


Who of the following is known as ”the monk of Shmila?


What was the main reason for the fall of Raziya Sultan?


Who put forward the theory of the ”Drains of Wealth”?


Invasion of India by Mohammad Gazhnavi was termed as ‘Zihad’ (holy war) by which of the following scholars?


The first Indian Ruler who issued gold coins which were imitations of Roman coins war related with which of the following dynasties?


Which of the following does not find mention in Rig Veda?


Under whose Chairmanship was the Indian Education Commission of 1882 appointed?