Indian Geography MCQ-37

Indian Geography Questions for KeralaPSC,WBPSC,TNPSC,TET ,HaryanaPSC,BiharPSC

Cattle breeding farms is located at:


India shares land borders with seven countries and maritime border with:


Consider the following statements:

1. India measures 3214 km. from north to south and 2933 km. from east to west.
2. India is the 7th largest country in the world.
3. It has a land frontier of 15,200 km and a coastline of 75 km.

Choose the correct options:


Match List I with List II.
List I

A. Rawatbhata
B. Kalpakkam
C. Narora
D. Kaiga
List II

1. Karnataka
3. Tamilnadu
4. Orissa
5. Uttar Pradesh



India’s climate is affected by which of the following?


Consider the following statements regarding Goa Shipyard Limited:

1. GSL has the privilege of having implemented the first successful enterprises planning system amongst the Defence Public Sector Undertakings.
2. GSL has bagged the SODEF Golden Award for Technology Development & Innovation.

Choose the correct options:


The fertile land developed by rivers between Aravali foot-hills and Marusthali is called:


Consider the following statements about Ganga:

1. Ganga is bifurcated at Farakka and flows as Hugh in West Bengal and Padma in Bangladesh.
2. Bhagirathi and Alaknanda joins at KaranPrayag to form Ganga. Choose the

correct options:


Consider the following statements:

1. Peninsular rivers are not flowing throughout the year because they usually receive water from rain.
2. Coastal rivers are comparatively small and drain into the sea through the delta of west coast.


Consider the following about the Great Desert:

1. The great desert extends from the edge of the Rann of Kuchch beyond the Luni river northward.
2. The whole of the Rajasthan-Sind frontier runs through this.
3. It extends from the Luni between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur up to the northern wasteland.
4. It consists mainly rocky land.

Choose the correct code from the given codes:


A: Damodar Valley Corporation is a multipurpose project covering Jharkhand and West Bengal.

R: Damodar Valley organisation deals with flood control, irrigation and hy-droelectricity etc.


A: Energy Security in India mainly focuses on rural population.

R: About 73 per cent of India’s population lives in 6 lakh villages and hamlets.


Which of the following highway is not passing through Bihar?


Lowest depth of railways is in which of the following states:


Lowest urban population in the Union Territory of the following state is located in:


The intensity of rainfall over the west coast of India is related to:


Consider the following factors:

1. Latitude
2. Himalayan Mountain
3. Distance from the Sea
4. Altitude

Which of the above are the factors determining Climate of India?


Which of the following was the first biosphere reserve of India?


Consider the following list:

1. Nor Westers: Towards the end of summer, these are pre-monsoon showers which are a common phenomena in Kerala and coastal areas of Karnataka.
2. Mango Shower: With this shower, coffee flowers blossom in Kerala and nearby areas.
3. Blossom Shower: These are dreaded evening thunderstorms in Bengal and Assam. These showers are useful for tea, jute and rice cultivation.

Which of the above pair is correctly matched?


In which of the following states, the share of population is very small inspite of these states having fairly large geographical area?