Indian Geography MCQ-14

Indian Geography Objective Questions for RRB,IES,UPSC,APPSC,TNPSC ,SSC,NDA,CDS,CivilsPrelims,KeralaPSC,WBPSC,DSC,TET EXams


Which of the following is the largest planet of our Solar System ?

(A) Earth
(B) Saturn
(C) Jupiter (
(D) Uranus


Which of the following is the largest irrigation canal in the world ?

(A) Suez canal
(B) lndira Gandhi canal
(C) Panama canal
(D) Sirhind canal


Which river is called The Sorrow of Bengal`?

(A) Tapti
(B) Brahmaputra
(C) Cauveri
(D) Damodar


Which of the following planets is nearest to the earth ?

(A) Jupiter
(B) Mercury
(C) Mars
(D) Venus


The longest circle which can be drawn on the earth surface passes through the

(A) Circle of Arctic
(B) Equator
(C) Tropic of Cancer
(D) Tropic of Capricorn


Which of the following soils has low humus contents ?

(A) Alluvial
(B) Black
(C) Desertic
(D) Loamy


The maximum density of canals lies in which of the following States ?

(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Punjab
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Uttar Pradesh


Area under forests is far below the required percentage in India because of

(A) Long dry spell period
(B) Large area under cultivation due to large population
(C) Large area under plateau and hilly terrain
(D) Large extent of drought-prone area


Which of the following combinations represents the arrangement of the decreasing particle size order of soils ?

(A) Clay gravel sand and silt
(B) Gravel sand silt and clay
(C) Sand gravel clay and silt
(D) Silt sand gravel and clay


Which of the following is the youngest mountain of India ?

(A) Aravallis
(B) Himalayas
(C) Nilgiris
(D) Vindhyachal


Which of the following combinations of crops provide raw material for agro-based industries ?

(A) Cotton jute and oilseeds
(B) Pulses tobacco and jute
(C) Jowar cotton and sugarcane
(D) Ragi spices and sugarcane


Soil erosion occurs when wind or water removes soil from one location which is often agricultural land to another location usually a river or non-agricultural land. This does nof lead to

(A) Loss of agricuitural land
(B) Water pollution
(C) Blocking of Sight needed by plants in the water
(D) Increased productivity of the non-agricultural land


The States contributing to the construction of the Parbati Valley Hydel Project are

(A) Himachal Pradesh Punjab Delhi Haryana
(B) Himachal Pradesh Gujarat Delhi Haryana
(C) Himachal Pradesh Gujarat Uttar Pradesh Haryana
(D) Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Gujarat Rajasthan


The 180-metre long road which links two Bangladeshi enclaves is known as

(A) Dahagram corridor
(B) Kuchlibari corridor
(C) Angarapota corridor
(D) Tin Bigha corridor


Since the middle of the 19th century the average temperature of our planet has increased by about

(A) Two degrees
(B) Three degrees
(C) Three and a half degrees
(D) None of the above