Indian Geography MCQ-104

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Name the highly industrial region of Europe,


Which country is known for its highly developed dairy industry?




Which of the following used to be considered a buffer state?


Where is the famous industrial centre of Krivoi Rog situated?


The Donets basin is famous for the


Which are the basic minerals (essential for industries) of Eastern Siberia?


The Sakhalin region is famous for its


Which among of the following is the major industry in Pittsburg?


What is the major factor responsible for industrial growth in the great lake areas?


What do you mean by ”APPLE”?


A short cut sea route between the European and Asian countries was provided by


The construction of Panama Canal in 1914 eliminated the long and hazardous voyage


Suez Canal links


If I wanted to reach the South Atlantic from the South Pacific while touching South America, I would have to use


Which of the following is taken into consideration while deciding a shipping route?


Which straits divides Europe from Africa?


Name the canal that joins the Red Sea and the Mediterranean sea?


Soo canal joins the


When was the Suez Canal constructed?


The railways that run across the continent and join its two ends, is known as the


Trans-Siberian railway joins the


Name the largest railways junction in the world


Which one of the rivers is the most navigable river in the world?


Name the country which has the most dense railway networks?