Indian Geography MCQ-43


Match the zinc smelters with state:

List I (State) List II (Zinc Smelters)
A. Alwaye 1. Rajasthan
B. Debari 2. Kerala
C. Vishakhapatnam 3. Andhra Pradesh
D. Ghodunda 4. Rajasthan



Consider the statements regarding leather industry in India:

1. Tamilnadu has the largest concentration of leather units.
2. The skins of the Peninsular region are superior in quality.
3. This industry is facing greatest challenge from plastic industry.
4. This industry is the second longest foreign exchange earner through its exports.

Choose the correct option:


The type of forest found in Bhabar and Tarai region is:


Consider the following statements:

1. Jharkhand (including Bihar) is the largest producer of lac in the country.
2. Chhattisgarh (including Madhya Pradesh) is the largest producer of Tendu leaves.
3. Assam is the largest producer of bamboos in the country.
4. Sabai grass is largely produced in Nepal tract of India.

Choose the incorrect statement:


Match List I with List II.

List I– List II
(Term for Shifting Cultivation)– (State)
A. Jhum– 1. Assom
B. Ponam– 2. Kerala
C. Podu– 3. Andhra Pradesh
D. Penda– 4. Jharkhand
Choose the incorrect pair:


Parambikulam canal project utilise water from eight rivers is a joint venture of:


Kolak and Kalai are the important rivers of this union territory:


States in decreasing order urbanisation are:

1. Himachal Pradesh
2. Bihar
3. Sikkim
4. Assam

Choose the correct option:


Sungai is a type of deer found only in:


While going upstream Brahmaputra, cities along the river will be in the order of:


River Noyyal is very much polluted by the untreated industrial effluents from the city of:


Match List I with List II.
List I (Route) List II (NH)

A. NH-15 1. Through Konkan Coast
B. NH-5 2. Through Mizoram
C. NH-17 3. Through Indian Desert
D. NH-54 4. Through Northern Circar coast



In which type of rocks are metals like Gold and Copper mostly found ?


Consider the following statements:

1. Forests play dominant role in carbon cycle.
2. Forests help in controlling soil erosion.
3. Decay of plant leaves provides humus to the soils and increase their fertility.

Choose the correct options:


Which rock is generally used for making roads?


The Most remarkable plateau built by lava is the


Wave length of the sea is measured from:


Horse latitude (near 300 N & S) is a zone of:


Consider the following statements:
1. Indian climate is primarily dominated by south-west monsoons and is peculiar in many ways.
2. Coromandel coast receives rainfall by the north-east monsoon in the winter season.
3. Variability of annual rainfall is lowest in west coast and the sub-Himalayan belt.
Choose the correct options:


Consider the following statements:
1. Sabai is the most important grass which provide the basic raw material for paper industry.
2. The roots of khus grass are used for making cooling screens.
3. Munj is mainly used for making mats, furniture, ports goods etc.
Choose the correct options:


Match List I with List II. List I(Types of Soil)
A. Forest andMountain Soils
B. Arid andDesert Soils
C. Saline andAlkaline Soils
D. Peaty andMarshy Soils
List II(Area of Occurrence)
1)Found in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
2) Mainly found on the hill slopes.
3)A large part of the arid and semi-arid region in Rajasthan.
4) Kottayam andAlappuzha districts of Kerala where it is called kari.Code:A B C D