Indian Geography MCQ-46

Indian Geography Practice Test for UPPSC,KeralaPSC,UPSC,SSC,TET,RRB ,IES ,B.Ed.,NDA,APPSC ,CSAT

Which one of the following flows westward ?


Largest multi-purpose river project is


Largest producer of rubber


The North-East monsoon starts durjng


Kolar mines are situated in


Chirapunji is situated in


Which one of the following rivers is called as Dakshina Ganga ?


The largest Coal deposits of India are available in


The National bird of India is


The New offshore oil belt is being developed at


The Major raw material for ceramic industry is


Thorium in the form of Monazite sand is available along the coast of


Nuclear power stations are located at


In which of the following states are Monazite deposits considered to be of ” highest quality in the world ?


Place of India in the world in respect of area


Which of the following is fastest growing plant ?


First atomic power plant in India is


Most densely populated state in India is


After Hindi, which language is spoken by the largest number of people


Which state contributes a major share in respect of seafood ?


Khetri, Kudremukh and Jharia are associated with


Smallest state in India in area is


Periyar sanctury is located in


How many languages are recognised under the constitution of India ?


On which river has the ‘Pang Dam’ been constructed.