Indian Geography MCQ-111

Geography MCQ UPPSC,RRC,CDS,SSC,Civils Prelims,B.Ed.,TNPSC Exams

Which union territory has the highest literacy rate?


According to the latest census figures sex ratio in India is


During which decade did the population record a negative growth-rate?


In which area are Zoroastrians concentrated?


Tribal settlements in India are usually concentrated


Which of the following is wrongly matched?


In which of the following states would you not find Bhils?


Lambadis are concentrated in


Where would you find Oraon, Munda, Santhal, Gonds and Asurs?


In which state women outnumber men?


Put the following in correct descending order of density of population as per the 2001 census
I. Tamil Nadu
I. West Bengal
III. Kerala

IV. Uttar Pradesh


Jarawas are tribes living in


One of the chief effects of urbanization in India is


Among the following, the most urbanised community in India is


What percentage of the total population of India is accounted for by the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes?


In India, how is the trend of urbanization illustrated?


Which state has the largest number of people belonging to the Scheduled Castes?


Where do the Scheduled Tribes form the highest proportion of the population ?


The maximum percentage of the tribal population in India consists of


Where would you find most out-migration? From a state which is:


The weather conditions during the winter months in India are generally influenced by the distribution pattern of pressure in


The western disturbances which enter the Indian sub continent during winter months are brought into India by the


”Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone” (ITCZ) is a


The ”South West Monsoon” actually is


The South-west monsoon engulf the entire Indian sub-continent by