Indian Geography MCQ-102

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Shaba province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is known for which of the following reserves?


Match List-I (Coal mining Area) with List-II (Country) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

List-I —-List-II

A. Karaganda basin 1. United Kingdom
B. Pechora Basin 2. Russia
C. Upper Silesia 3. Poland
4. Kazakhstan




Match List-I (Minerals) with List-II (Major Mining Countries) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:


A. Bauxite 1. India
B. Manganese 2. Japan
C. Mica 3. Jamaica
D. Tin 4. Russia




Which of the following minerals is obtained from placer deposits ?


Minerals associated with granite and igneous rock are :


Minerals associated with sedimentary rocks are :


The topmost iron ore producing region in Germany is :


Main income of Bolivia depends on the export of :


Which among the following has the world’s largest reserves of Uranium ?


Which of the following is not a metallic mineral?


The generation of hydroelectric power depends primarily on :


In which two countries of South America reserves of gas are concentrated.


The first power house was established in ?


Baku in the Russia is famous for its :


Indonesia’s main export in terms of value is


The energy derived from the sun is :


Kuwait is the leading producer of :


The world’s largest petrol producer is


Consider the following statements:

1. Most of the coal reserves in China occur in the southern parts bordering Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.
2. The largest share of coal in United States of America is mined in the western half of the country.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?


Match List-I (Petroleum producing Countries) with List-II (Centers of production) and select correct answer by using the codes given below the lists :

List-I ———List-II

A. C.I.S 1. Yenangyaung
B. Ch105ina 2. Baku
C. Borneo (Indonesia) 3. Kansu
D. Myanmar 4. Balikapapan

Codes :



The largest coal resources are found at:


MatchList-I (Energy resources) with List-II (First place in the world) and select the correct answer using the codes given the lists:


A. Coal production 1. U.S.A
B. Petroleum production 2. Saudi Arabia
C. Petroleum deposits 3. Africa
D. Potential water power 4. Russia




The largest oil-field of Iraq is:


Rich coal deposits of China are found in:


Which one of the following countries has the highest percentage of developed water power to the available potential?