Indian Geography MCQ-108

Geography MCQ test for SSC CHGL,Railways,CivilsPrelims,UPPSC Exams

The expression of earliest volcanic activity in India is found in


The extent of increase in the cumulative irrigation potential in India during 1951-81 is


The extreme of temperature between summer and winter is quite low in southern part of peninsular India mainly because


The first census for the whole of India was taken in


The first Indian satellite launched into space was


The following are the important events in coal mining in India:

I. The first production of coal at Raniganj
II. The establishment of coal India Limited
III. Nationalization of Coal mines
IV. Establishment of Neyveli Lignite Corporation

Their correct chronological sequence is


The following have been proposed as the climatic regions of India by Koppen:

I. Aw
II. Cw


Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the climatic regions given above as they occur from south to north India?


The four states of north-east India Which are reported having more than 50 per cent of the total are under forest, are


The framework for the sustainable management and conservation of India’s natural resources was given by


The Ganga Basin encompasses an area of ……km2 in India alone.


The gas produced by OIL (Oil India Limited) is marketed by OIL itself, except in … where GAIL (Gas Authority of India Limited) is marketing its gas.


The Government of India holds … of the total shares and the balance of the shares are held by government-of Kerela, financial institutions and the public.


The greater potential for the generation of tidal power in India is available in the


The Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait separates India from ….


Which one among the following makes common border with maximum number of other States of India?


The highest mountain peak situated in India is


Which of the, following town is located easternmost?


The highest yield of rice per hectare in India is reported from


The Himalayas and the associated mountain are girdling the Indian subcontinent on the north stretch in a consistent north-west south-east direction for about


The hot spots and areas that are rich in species


The Icelandic and Aleutian lows are


The immediate cause for the south-east trades to cross the equator and blow as south-west monsoon winds over India is the


The Indian peninsula, getting narrower and narrower loses itself into the Indian ocean at


Which of the following group of five seaports is on the eastern cost?


The Indian Standard Time is fixed with reference to the longitude of