Indian Geography MCQ-117

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Most weather phenomena take place in


Annual range of temperature is maximum in


The Humid region of western Europe have …….. soils


The normal temperature for the growth of plant is


Where are the tropical evergreen forests not found?


Which of the following is not a green house gas?


Which of the following substance has highest specific density?


Welvis bay is cooler than Durban on account of


Most of the pollutants are trapped by


In spite of having high insolation. Equatorial regions are cooler than sub tropical region due to


The amount of sunshine a place receives depends on


The highest variation of climate within the equatorial regions are found in


The driest desert in the world is


Japan receives most of its rainfall during


Freezing nuclei is


The cyclone has a centre of…….. pressure.


Monsoon climate is caused by


The sub division of climate of Koeppen’s classification are based on


In South Hemisphere, the British type of climate is in


The winter rain in Steppe are caused by


The different temperature pressure and rainfall in Mediterranean is mostly caused by


The hottest spot on the earth is found in


The weather associated with an anticyclone is


The isobar of tropical cyclone are


The cool temperate western margin climate are under the permanent influence of