Indian Geography MCQ-42


Tropical Monsoon forest shed their leave to withstand:


Tamrai is shifting cultivation of:


Savanna region’s campos is mainly in:


Trade wind is a:


Consider the following statements:

1. Karewas are of the glacial origin.
2. The laterite is a porous or spongy rock
.3. Bhur is raised land along the bank of Ganga formed by accumulation of wind blown sands.

Choose the incorrect statement.


Which is incorrect statement regarding Dandakaranya region?


Brahmkamal a sweet scented white flower is found in:


Arrange the following rivers in terms of annual yield of water in India in decreasing order:


Which of the following factors of soil formation largely determines the chemical composition of the soil?


Which district of Gujarat is the largest producer of Tobacco?


Consider the following statements regarding coffee cultivation in India:

1. Coffee arabica is the most popular variety occupying 55-60 per cent of coffee growing area.
2. Chikmaglur district alone contributes 34 per cent production of the country.
3. In Tamilnadu, Nilgiri is the most important coffee producing district.

Choose the correct statement:


Between which of the following rivers was the ancient town of Takshashila located?


The districts of Rajasthan largely benefitted by Indira Gandhi canal are:


The Gondwana coal is found in:


Indian languages particularly the tribal languages are promoted and developed by a Mysore based institution called:


Match List I with List II.

List I(State) List II (Hydroelectric Project)
A. Sharavati 1. Kerala
B. Idukki 2. Tamil Nadu
C. Papanasam 3. Gujarat
D. Ukai 4. Karnataka



Match List I with List II.

List I(State) List II (Iron Ore Mines)
A. The Bababudan Hills 1. Chhattisgarh
B. The Bailadela Hills 2. Jharkhand
C. Jamda 3. Orissa
D. The Bonaigarh Hills 4. Karnataka



Consider the following statements regarding gold production in India:

1. Jharkhand is the second leading gold producer state.
2. In Jharkhand almost all gold is obtained as alluvial gold from river Subarnrekha.
3. In Karnataka, gold occurs in Champion reef.
4. In Punjab the Beas river between Rai and Mirthal possess alluvial gold.

Choose the correct option:


What is incorrect about the Visveswaraya Iron and Steel Ltd. at Bhadrawati?


Rank the state in descending order of uranium production:

1. Canada
2. Kazakistan
3. Australia

Choose the correct option: