Indian Geography MCQ-122

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Except one all projections given below do not have all the parallels standard parallel.


The another author of book ”A Guide to map projection” is


Loxodrome is associated with


A. S waves cannot pass through core.

R. S waves are transvers waves.


A. In the Karst region water does not percolate down.

R. Karst regions are prone to process of solution


A. Zeugen has a layer of soft rocks lying beneath a surface layer of more resistant rocks.

R. Soft rocks are less resistant to process of solution.


A. The continental shelf are rich in plankton.

R. Their shallowness enable sunlight to penetrate through the water.


A. Cumulus (cu) cloud is vertical cloud with rounded top and base.

R. It is associated with up-rising convectional current.


A. This equatorial belt is often termed the Doldrums.

R. Sailors in the olden days often found themselves becalmed here.


A. Equatorial vegetation has a distinct layer arrangement.

R. Equatorial vegetation discontinues where it is crossed by large rivers.


A. It is impossible to classify towns like London,Paris, New York.

R. These towns have diversified function.


A. Manchuria region is industrially developed region of China.

R It has got enough amount of coal and iron ores.


A. The Atlantic coast of the USA has a number of Iron & Steel industry centre.

R. It has great locational advantages.


A. Long staple cotton is grown mainly in the Southern States of India.

R Southern estates have climatic conditions supporting cotton production.


A. Mercator projection is not suitable for the Arctic region.

R. It is an orthographic project.


A. Lambert’s Projection is an equal Area Projection.

R. The ratio between the meridians and parallels remain constant.


A. According to demographic transition theory the first phase of transition experiences static ‘, population.

R Birth and death rates are low in this phase.


A. Ghost acreage is a concept that convey the dependence of modem industrial fanning on imports from under developed countries.

R Developed countries compensate lack of protein import by using domestic land.


Peripedimeht is also known as


Asthenosphere is a part of