Indian Geography MCQ-101

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When Cumulonimbus cloud reaches the Tropopause, its top becomes flattened. The flattened top is known as


The air component, inspite of its high percentage in the universe, is found in Atmosphere negligibly


Shifting in Intertropical Convergence Zone mainly owes its origin to


Seasonal reversal of winds is noticed in


According to Koppen, Csb represents


Among the following, the factor NOT responsible for Coral reef building is


Which one among the following is NOT correct regarding the deep-sea plain?


Which one of the following is not responsible for the movements of ocean currents?


Which among following is not an ooze type ?


The area occupied by continental shelf is ___


Which part of world is known as Big Game country?


Which among the following is NOT a temperate grassland?


Which among the following is associated with the British type of vegetation ?


Match the following
List I

D Mollisols
List II

i)Lacking Horizons
ii)With thick upper organic layer
iii) Weakly developed horizons
(iv) Semi-arid and sub-humid grassland origin


Which among following is moderately populated area?


Which among following groups is involved in Pastoralism ?


White Australian Policy was aimed at


Bolivian altiplano is known for :


Brighton and Bournemouth are


Which among following is NOT correct for Intensive Subsistence Agriculture ?