Indian Geography MCQ-57

Geography MCQ test for RRC,CDS,UPSC,SSC,TNPSC,B.Ed.,Customs Exams

Xerophytes are vegetation type of


Which one of the following is not a temperate grassland ?


Which among the following is not a part of equatorial vegetation


Washing away of most of the plant nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates and potash due to heavy rainfall is known as


A vertical section of soil in which all the soil Horizons are shown is


Mallee, mulga, spinifex grass are vegetation types found in


Which among the following is not a factor encouraging settlements ?


Lapps are residing in


Felda scheme in Malaysia is associated with


Which part of Africa is known for break-up of large estate.


Match the following
List – I
A. Akalgoorli
B. Baden Baden
C. Ibadan
D. Science town
List – II
i. Resort
ii. Education
iii. Defence
iv. Mineral




Fazenda is associated with


Main work of Fulani, Masai, Nuba and Bantu is


Tanin can be drawn from


Pennsylvania is famous for


The biggest producer of Uranium in the world is


Chihuachua and Fresnillo are famous for


Match the following
List – I
A. Coventry
B. Sheffield
C. Derby
D. Burton



Ludwig canal connects


Choose correct code according to their increasing population density