Indian Geography MCQ-118

Geography Practice Questions for CDS, B.Ed., Customs, SSC, UPSC, CivilsPrelims, RRC, TNPSC Exams

A hard, massive rocklike layer in the C horizons is known as


Which area of India is known as one of most badly soil erosion area of the world


Montreal Protocol is associated with


‘Ibos’ is ethnic group situated in


Among following which does not fall under Caucasoids ?


Which Indian tribe/tribes migrated from the Great Lake region to the southern part of USA ?


Volta river scheme is associated with


Azraq in Jordan and Agades in Niger are the towns having


Match the following
List – I

A. Boll Weevil
B. Coffee blight
C. Red poppy
D. Lalang grass

List – II

1.USA’s cotton belt
2.Sri Lanka
3.temperate arable land
4. tropical region


For the newspaper purpose which tree is most suitable?


Scraton, Carbondale, & wike mining towns are located in the


Correct order of copper production is (Descend order)


Match the following
List – I

A. Tungsten
B. Cobalt
C. Chromium
D. Manganese

List – II

(i) Zambia
(ii) China
(iii) Ukraine
(iv) South Africa



Lipzig is famous for


Wells, Canals and links


Part of the world that falls under very low population density


Which among following is not a component population change ?


Concept of ‘any port’, related to generalised grow of a port, is coined by


Example of Behavioural location of industry is


Hobson and Gunnar Myrdal-are associated with