Indian Geography MCQ-99

Geography MCQ Quiz for Civils Prelims,UPPSC,B.Ed.,Customs,TNPSC Exams

A person moving from Sydney to Adelaide along the coast has to cross


From north to south what would be correct order


Volga-Ural Region is industrially an important region in Russia because of its


The highest density of population in Iran is noticed in


Following four questions are based on the map of the north America given herewith, study the map and answer.
Match the following Central American capitals and Select the correct code
A. Guatemala –1.
B. Belmopano —2.
C. Tegucigalpa –3.
D. San Salvador—4.



The important commercial crop of upper Nile Valley is


Match the following
List – I

A. Cotton Industry
B. Iron Industry
C. Wool Industry
D. Chemical Industry

List – II

1. Bedford, Moscow
2. Buffallo, Krivoi-Rog & New Castle
3. Philadelphia, Dortmund, Kiev
4.Fall River, Osaka, Ivanovo
5. Tokyo, Milan, Lyonnes



According to Weber’s model line connecting total equal transportation cost is known as


The concept of Rural-Urban Continium was advanced by


In his theory Christaller used the concept of range. Range, according to him, is


Which one of the following places is not located on the ‘Trans-Siberian’ rail route ?


Large scale grain cultivation is major activities in the following except ?


Modified form of Agricultural location Theory which was originally based on Van Thunan Theory but applicable for industrial centre ?


‘Ladang’ is a type of cultivation characterised by


Which country is the world’s largest producer of barley ?


Zaire’s agriculture may be described as


Tropical Forests have been cleared unsustainably mainly for


The work of economic development in Amazon and Zaire basin is mainly obstructed due to


Who has coined the term Industrial Symbiosis ?


Match the following :

List – I (Theories Related to Industrial Locations )

A. Labour Differential and Transport Cost
B.Market competition theory
C. Isodapen
D. Least Cost Theory

List-II ( Propounder )

1. T. R. Smith
2. Holteling
3. Weber
4. Hoover