Indian Geography MCQ-114

Geography Practice Questions for RRC,CDS,SSC,UPPSC,Civils Prelims Exams

Match the following (Keeping soil horizon in mind)
1. Sub-soil
2. Soil
3. Parent rock
4. Partly weathered rock

A. A horizon

B. B horizon
C. C horizon
D. D horizon




Plants belong to which one of the following groups


Which one of the following is an abiotic element of the ecosystem ?


A. The concept of Lahensaram was misused by Karl Hausofer.
R. It was misused the furtherance of German expansion under Nazi.


A. Densely populated regions of Asia lies between 10-400 latitude.
R. These regions have Monsoon type of climate


A. India’s climate has a tropical Monsoonal climate
R. lies in tropical region.


A. There is a anticlockwise circulation of ocean currents in the Northern Hemisphere.
R. This phenomenon follows Ferrel’s Law.


A. Singapore has emerged as a leading industrial country.
R. Singapore has rich mineral resources.


A. During 1991-2001 New Delhi has witnessed negative population growth.
R. Population relocation is an important aspect of modern urban planning.


A. Generally Urban population growth rate is faster than rural population growth rate.
R. Natural urban population growth is more than rural regions.


A. Malaysia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of natural rubber.
R. The climate of Malaysia is particularly suited for rubber plantation.


A. Hogbacks is an asymmetrical ridge with dip and scrap slope of the same value.
R. Hogbacks form where the dip of the beds has been tilted.


A. The equatorial region of Africa is sparsly populated.
R. Environmental conditions of this region are not conducive.


A. Fjords are the features produced by glacial erosion.
R. During plestocene glaciation the ice-sheets entered into the ocean.


A. The moist adiabatic lapse rate is higher than the dry adiabatic lapse rate.
R. The latent heat of condensation compensates some energy.


A. Acid rain has its pH below
R. Acid rain is an outcome of unsustainable human activities.


A. Thunder storms originate from stratus clouds
R. Stratus cluds are lower clouds.


A. Laterite soils are reddish in colour and rich in humus and plant nutrients.
R. It is formed due to excessive leaching in the humid tropical climate.


A. Intensive agriculture is usually found in regions of dense population and high land values.
R. It requires a high level of inputs-capital and labour and high yields.


A. The Punjab irrigation scheme of north west India and Pakistan is a source of conflict between two nations.
R. These regions do not get sufficient rainfall