Indian Economy MCQ-242

Indian Economy Practice Test for UPSC,CivilsPrelims,APPSC,WBPSC,NDA Exams

To which sector is maximum weight age assigned in the index of industrial production?


Total known reserves of all types of coals in Gondwana and tertiary coalfields in the country is estimated to be around


Tourism industry in India is quite small compared to many other countries in terms of India’s potential and size. Which one of the following statements is correct in this regard?


Which of the following statements about the Indian Railways is correct?


Transport creates


What is the average fertilizer consumption in India?


What is the number of passengers carried annually by the Indian Railways?


What is the number of tyre producing units in India?


What percentage of total track kilometer of Indian Railways is electrified?


When was the Export-Import (Exim) Bank of India established?


When was the Indian Council of Agricultural Research set up?


Which crop accounts for the largest area under cultivation in the country?


Which of the following activities dominates the economy of Jharkhand?


Which of the following agricultural holdings have the largest percentage in India?


Which of the following are non-bulk items of import?


Which of the following is not a basic problem of the small scale industries?


Which of the following are the main causes of slow rate of growth of per capita income in India?

I. High capital-output ratio

II. High rate of growth of population

III. High rate of capital formation
IV. High level of fiscal, deficits


Which of the following are the objectives of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP)?

I. To stabilise agricultural prices

II. To ensure meaningful real income levels to the farmers

HI. To protect the interest of the consumers by providing essential agricultural commodities at reasonable rates through public distribution system

IV. To ensure maximum price for the farmer


Which of the following areas make the largest contribution to national income in India?


Which of the following can be classified as cash crops?


Which of the following is not a beneficent activity of a trade union?


Which of the following commodity groups is/are considered for working out average index?

I. Fuel groups

II. Primary articles

III. Manufactured products


Which of the following does not comprise internal debt of the country?


As per the newly launched ”Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme” a monthly pension will be given to the widows. What will be the amount of the pension?


Which of the following factors is responsible for the biggest problem faced by India’s cotton textile industry?