Indian Economy MCQ-228

Indian Economy Questions for CivilsPrelims,RRB,CDS,UPPSC,NDA,CGPSC,MPSPC Exams

When was decimal coinage system introduced in India ?


What was the Saudi Arabian currency called ?


In which of the following years India switched over to decimal currencies ?


Bolivar is monetary unit of :


In which year the Indian rupee was devalued two times within a month ?


During which Five Year Plan the price level in Indian Economy should a decline ?


In India currency-notes issue system is based on :


Devaluation of Rupee was last time made on :


The one rupee note bears the signature of the :


Word ‘Bull and Big’ are associated with which branch of commercial activity :


Which one of the following statements about Foreign exchange reserves of India, is NOT true ?


consider the following statements and select the correct answer from the code given below :

Assertion (A) : Devaluation of a currency may promote export.
Reason (R) : Price of the country’s product in the international market may fall due to devaluation.



‘Euro’ is the official currency of :


Which of the following statements is relation to Bombay Stock Exchange, is correct ?


In Indian currency, the One Rupee Note is issued under the signature of:


Which of the following is NOT a speculator in the Stock Exchange ?


If over a given period of time both prices and money income have been doubled, the real income will be :


Convertibility of the Rupee as it exists at present means:


Commercial paper is a source of credit for which one of the following ?


When decimal method was introduced in the Indian Monetary System ?


BSE Sensex is an index to measure ups and downs in the share market. The number of companies covered under the index are :


Who formulates the monetary policy in India ?


The question of full capital account convertibility of Indian Money (Rupee) was examined by the committee known as :


Inside trading is related to :


The Government of India has replaced FERA by :