Indian Economy MCQ-220

Economy MCQ Quiz for NDA,CDS,UPPSC,TET,RRB,WBPSC,HPPSC,CivilsPrelims Exams

The mid-day meal has been in vogue in the entire country since:


In ASHA,’A’stands for:


Life expectancy is highest in:


The erstwhile name of the Indian Council of Medical Research was:


The National pension System (NFS) has been operational in the country since:


‘SABLA’ is meant to:


Monetary system in India is managed by:


Paper money in India comes in the denomination(s) of:


In which of the following denomination(s) paper money in India is NOT printed?


Which of the following acts govern the denominations of coins and bank notes to be issued in India?


Decimal coinage was introduced in India in the year:


Which of the following groups suffer the most from inflation?


The currency notes are printed in:


Notes on which denomination has the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi printed on them?


Paper currency first started in India in:


Foreign currency which has a tendency of quick migration is called:


The New Symbol of Indian Rupee is a blend of:


The ”Mahatma Gandhi Series” of Indian currency notes was introduced in:


The recently adopted Indian rupee symbol was designed by:


Which of the following can be used for checking inflation temporarily?


Minimum inflation in post economic reform was in :


Inflation implies:


In which year the Victoria Portrait series of bank notes was issued in India in honour of Queen Victoria during British era?


The symbol chosen for the paper currency in India after independence was:


Which of the following website has recently been launched by the Reserve Bank of India to raise awareness of counterfeit currency among users of the Indian Rupee?