Idioms and Phrases MCQ-2

Directions (Q. No. 1 – 10): In the following questions, some idioms, phrases and saying have been given in bold at the question places. Each of them is followed by four options of its meaning or sense. Choose the one from the four as the right meaning or sense of each idiom or phrase or saying.
1. To speak for itself

(A) To mould into desirable form
(B) To give a suggestion without being asked
(C) To maintain one’s position
(D) To have a quality which is self-evident

2. To put two and two together

(A) To put on a false appearance
(B) To manage the adverse situation
(C) To conclude from obvious facts
(D) To take an abrupt decision

3. To let one’s self loose

(A) To indulge in extravagant talk or action
(B) To demonstrate an exceptional bravery
(C) To disclose a secret matter
(D) To take precautions too late

4. Bag and baggage

(A) To misguide anybody about a fact
(B) With all luggage
(C) To read anything carefully
(D) To suspect of a conspiracy

5. Prime the pump

(A) To manage an affair skillfully
(B) To prepare someone to challenge any body
(C) To organize a music performance
(D) To encourage the growth

6. To be under embargo

(A) To be unsuccessful
(B) To be endangered
(C) To be managed under pressure
(D) To be under impediment

7. To leave no stone unturned

(A) To keep something clean and tidy
(B) To get something secretly
(C) To try utmost
(D) To achieve something diligently

8. To wash dirty linen in public

(A) To give a hint by casual remark
(B) To talk personal matters in public
(C) To wash dirty clothes at public places
(D) To rise from an ordinary position

9. To snap one’s fingers at

(A) To bring back to former state
(B) To show one’s willingness for something desirable
(C) To show one’s contempt for
(D) To prevent one from doing something

10. To repeat one’s self

(A) To say again what one has said already
(B) To rely upon others
(C) To deliver a public speech
(D) To demonstrate anything