English Language Test-6

English Language test IBPS Clerks,Bank POs,SBI,RBI,SSC,NDA,UPSC

Directions (Q. No. 1-10): A part of the sentence is given in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at 1, 2 and 3 which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is ‘4’.

1. Will I pick the children up from school today?

(A) Can
(B) Shall
(C) Would
(D) No improvement

2. The honour was awarded on him just after the war.

(A) given
(B) conferred
(C) bestow
(D) No improvement

3. I have been very busy since I comeback from holiday.

(A) from I came back
(B) since I came back
(C) since I had come back
(D) No improvement

4. Supposing if it rains, I shall not visit you.

(A) In case of
(B) Supposing
(C) If so
(D) No improvement

5. The children were playing, jumping on each other’s shades.

(A) shoulder
(B) shadows
(C) shrugs
(D) No improvement

6. After my long walk, I was pleased to have an iced drink. I found it lively.

(A) refreshing
(B) tiring
(C) pleasurable
(D) No improvement

7. The teacher prides herself to know the names of all 400 of his students.

(A) knowing
(B) for knowing
(C) on knowing
(D) No improvement

8. Go to the stores, won’t you?

(A) do you?
(B) can you?
(C) aren’t you?
(D) No improvement

9. The doctor may seek the concurrence of a relative before carrying out the procedure.

(A) concord
(B) confession
(C) conformation
(D) No improvement

10. Smoking is deterrent to our health.

(A) detrimental
(B) destructive
(C) deteriorate
(D) No improvement

Directions (Q. No. 11-20): Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word given in bold.

11. Bemoan

(A) Rejoice
(B) Rejuvenate
(C) Complain
(D) Cry

12. Juxtapose

(A) Distant
(B) Nearness
(C) Opposite
(D) Amalgamate

13. Maladroit

(A) Clumsy
(B) Rebel
(C) Expert
(D) Dishonest

14. Retrogressive

(A) Incautious
(B) Persuasive
(C) Pervasive
(D) Progressive

15. Virtue

(A) Vice
(B) Lie
(C) Bad
(D) Treachery

16. Apathetic

(A) Agitated
(B) Happy
(C) Concerned
(D) Surprised

17. Obscene

(A) Condemnable
(B) Jealousy
(C) Decent
(D) Objectionable

18. Terse

(A) Brief
(B) Diffuse
(C) Scarce
(D) Lengthy

19. Ostentatious

(A) Flourish
(B) Modest
(C) Boasting
(D) Praise

20. Nefarious

(A) Courteous
(B) Virtuous
(C) Oblivious
(D) Pious

Directions (Q. No. 21-30): In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four as your answer.

21. When the thief entered the house, the inmates __ in the hall.

(A) were slept
(B) were sleeping
(C) slept
(D) had been sleeping

22. It is time we __ with determination.

(A) act
(B) acted
(C) have acted
(D) will act

23. Every Shakespearean hero has an internal __ in his character.

(A) fault
(B) defect
(C) flaw
(D) weakness

24. My legs were __ with fear.

(A) trembling
(B) shaking
(C) shuddering
(D) shivering

25. They discovered a spy acting in __ with their competitors.

(A) collision
(B) cohesion
(C) coalition
(D) collusion

26. The curfew in the riot ridden area was __ for a couple of hours

(A) . lifted
(B) released
(C) removed
(D) relaxed

27. In these days of inflation, the cost of consumer goods is __

(A) ascending
(B) soaring
(C) climbing
(D) raising

28. The scheme failed due to the __ of funds.

(A) problem
(B) scarcity
(C) paucity
(D) reduction

29. His feet were _ after the walk

(A) sour
(B) sore
(C) soar
(D) swell

30. He did not register his __ in the proposal.

(A) dissent
(B) 3) deviation
(C) 2) disfavour
(D) disparity