Quiz No:4001 GK Questions RRB ,SSC ,CSAT ,UPPSC ,MPPSC ,APPSC ,TSPSC ,UPSC Exams


1. Which Vitamin causes for Ricktes disease?


2. Life Period of male mosquito


3. Which is the smallest bird?


4. Who Is the Delhi Sultan died while he playing polo game


5. Silver Revolution belongs to


6. The hutti and uti mines in India famous for a


7. Which is the first linguistic state in our country


8. Beirut is the capital city of which country


9. Name of Nepal Parliament


10. Moorty devi awards presented In which field


11. ‘Dialysis” operation belongs to


12. “Goitre” Disease belongs to


13. NCERT Stands for _?


14. The coffee table book ‘The Nationalist President Pranab Mukherjee’ was edited by Prabhu Chawla, who is the editorial director of __?


15. The three member committee recommended 400% hike in basic salary of Delhi MLAs. Who is the head of this committee?


16. Which day is celebrated on December 1?


17. In which state President Rule imposed First time in India?


18. In which of the following year Indian planning year started ?


19. Barak Obama political party is


20. First Test Tube Baby in world