Quiz No:4002 GK Questions NDA ,CDS ,SSC ,RRB ,CSAT ,TET ,KeralaPSC ,HaryanaPSC Exams

General Awareness MCQ for SSC,RRB,IES,Customs,Income Tax,GoaPSC Exams

1. Loss of memory temporarily is called.


2. Which is first country officially accepted mercy killings?


3. Who is the first woman Governor in India?


4. Which of the following is the world longest river?


5. Which is the fastest growing tree?


6. State Governor salary


7. Longest day in Northern Hemisphere?


8. Scientific Name of Rice?


9. Which is the highest Military Award in India?


10. How many players participate in Base Ball?


11. Where is Baba Atomic Research Centre located?


12. Name the finance minister of India who proposed GAAR system?


13. Who is the political guru of Gandhiji?


14. Which Indian state called granary of India?


15. “Quanzc” urgency belongs to which country?


16. World Largest Mobile Market


17. From now Pravas Bharatiya Divas events will be held on which dates of January?


18. Which committee in it


19. Total Weight of Human brain?


20. Which of the following is not Indirect Tax?