Quiz No:4000 GK Questions and Answers CSAT ,RRB ,SSC ,CDS ,NDA ,TSPSC ,WBSSC Exams

General Awareness MCQ for KeralaPSC,HaryanaPSC,APPSC Exams

1. In Which year Indian National Congress Established


2. Which of the following bank started by Boga Raju Pattabhi Seetharamaiah


3. Who is The Person called Desh Bandu


4. Which Indian State famous For Sandal Wood Trees


5. World Population Day Observed on


6. According to the report of International Monetary Fund (IMF), India will outpace which country in growth rate?


7. What is the speed of the indigenously buit warship INS- Asthradharini ?


8. World Highest Musical Award


9. Which of the following countries will hold the presidency of the BRICS New Development Bank for the first six years?


10. The Race of My Life autobiography belongs to


11. Total Bones in Human Body


12. Name of Dynasty Famous for Rural Administration


13. Who is The King known as 2nd Ashoka


14. Who invented Oxygen?


15. Yellow Book is the official book of which Country


16. One byte is equal how many bits


17. What is Jarvik-7?


18. Which is the First Hydro Electric power station in India


19. In which Year SEBI started?


20. Garibi Hatavo Slogan given in which 5 year Plan


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