Quiz No:3998 GK MCQ Online Test LIC ,GIC ,Income Tax ,Customs ,JPSC ,JKPSC Exams


1. Prembhatia Award to be presented for which field?


2. Which of the following Kings famous for construction of temples


3. The Term of Rajya Sabha


4. Electronic voting missions 1st time used in Which State


5. Operation Flood Refers


6. Which among the following government schemes have been launched in collaboration with IIT’s& NITs?


7. Computer chips made with


8. In which year National Development Council Established


9. Chromium obtained from


10. Total Chromosomes in human body


11. In which year NABARD started


12. Which instrument used for measuring the density of liquids?


13. Where is longest Chilka Lake in Our Country?


14. The greenest source of energy is


15. Which is light combat aircraft of India?


16. Who is the founder of Suddhi movement ?


17. Who said about population theory


18. Tallest Continent in World


19. Which is the official Language of Nagaland State


20. Where is International Labour Organization?


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