General Science MCQ-65

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Nitrogenous waste products are eliminated mainly as :


Match the following:

List I
A. Lentil
B. Pepper
C. Mustard
D. Saffron

List II

1. Oil-seed
2. Spice
3. Pulse
4. Flavouring additive



Which is the correct chronological order?

A. Mendel’s laws of inheritance
B. Darwin’s theory qf evolution
C. Blood circulation by Harvey
D. De Varies theory of mutation


Match the column A with column B.

Column A

A. Bilirubin and biliverdin
B. Hydrolysis of starch
C. Digestion of fat
D. Salivary gland

Column B

1. Parotid
2. Bile
3. Lipases
4. Amylases



Which one of the following does provide the best estimate of world’s biological diversity ?


Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes, given below the lists:

List I ———–List II

(Characteristics) — (Animal)

I. Wingless insect (A) Kiwi
II. Flightless bird (B) Silver fish
III. Limbless reptile (C) Turtle
IV. Limbless animal (D) Snake
(E) Fish


All the following facts about camels make them adapt to long periods of drought in hot deserts except:


A person, who met with an accident, was partially paralysed arid lacked a sense of feeling after treatment. Which part of the nervous system was affected by the accident ?


The Sodium depletion occurs in excessive heating, and cannot be corrected by drinking water alone. When the corrected, it may lead to:


A male child is born to parents only when:


The stomach does not digest itself because :


When we cut our nails, we do not feel the pain, because nails are


We hear the beating of heart of human beings on the left side because :



List I—- List II

I. Tuberculosis (A) Mycobacterium
II. Typhoid (B) Pateurella peptis
III. Cholera (C) Streptococcus
IV. Plague (D) SalmonellasTyphosa
(E) Vibrio chloerae


When nitrogenous waste products accumulate in the blood, it is an indication that the


Metastasis is the process of


Most fish do not sink in water because of the presence of:

i. Swim bladder
ii. Air bladder
iii. Air sacs
iv. Air in spongy bones


Match the following:

i. Vitamin E (A) Scurvy
ii, Vitamin K (B) Rickets
iii. Vitamin C (C) Sterility
iv. Vitamin D (D) Blood Coagulation


Match the following:
Specialist —Disease of

i. Paediatrician (A) Heart
ii. Opthalmologist (B) Eyes
iii. Dermatologist (C) Children
(D) Skin


A man of AB blood group meets with a serious accident and requires blood transfusion. Who among the following could donate blood to him?

Relation– Blood Group

1. Wife –A
2. Son– AB
3. Friend —O
4. Daughter— B