General Science MCQ-52


Pre NK cells in the bone marrow


Platelets are formed from


Human embryomic stem cells are first isolated by


Human embryonic stem cells are used in treating


Which of the following branch of biology involves the manipulation of desired genetic material ?


Which of the following explains identification and isolation of a specific gene, its insertion to a vector and its subsequent cloning to obtain a desired product ?


Vector or cloning vehicle is


Which of the following acts as vectors or cloning vehicles ?


The most important vector or cloning vehicle is


Which of the following enzymes are required for DNA cloning ?


Restriction endonucleases cut


Number of nitrogenous base pairs in palindrome sequence is


In palindrome sequence the arrangement of nitrogenous base pairs is


If the nitrogenous bases in one strand of palindrome sequence is 5′ A A C G T T 3′, the sequence of nitrogenous bases in the other strand will be


In the production of alcohol by fermentation process, ammonium phosphate is added to the fermenter, why ?


The favourable temperature is the fermenter during synthesis of alcohol is


Which of the following are biological catalysts ?


Which of the following increase the speed of biochemical reactions ?


Which of the following set of enzymes are obtained commercially from animals ?


Which of the following set of enzymes are obtained industrially from plants ?


Which of the following enzyme is obtained from bacterium, Bacillus licheniformis?


The chemical produced by microorganism that inhibits the growth of another micro organism is called


Antigens are also called


When a foreign antigen is introduced into the body of host, which cells are stimulated ?