General Science MCQ-49

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The success of r DNA technology is due to the discovery of


The vaccines that are produced by r DNA technology


The following vector formed by using phage lambda and plasmid


Whisky, brandy and rum are produced by


The hormone that induces the production of RBC


Interferons were first isolated by


Interferons P, are produced by


The following cells are not resistant to HAT medium


Hybridoma technology was invented by


Enzyme used as a detergent to wash proteinaceous stains from cloths is


Alkaline serene protease is recreated by


Which of the following are commonly used as vectors in recombinant DNA technology ?


Microbe commonly employed in ethanol manufacture is


The enzyme used in cheese making is obtained from


Gasohol is


Circular, double helical extra-chromosomal DNA of bacteria is called


Largest phase in cell cycle is


G1 phase is characterised by the synthesis of


The period following G1phase is


G2 is characterised by


Which of the following is seen during G2 phase


The division phase of cell cycle is called


Mitotic division of the cell is completed in


Cells spend most of the time in interphase especially in


Which of the following undergo cell cycles continuously


Proteins which regulate the siries of events cell cycle


Regulatory sub units of cell cycle are


Phosphorylase enzymes of cell are


Kinases cannot act independently until they formed into


When cells are stimulated to divide which of the following appear first


Which of the following phosphorylates the proteins necessary for DNA replication


M-cdk cyclin complex is synthesized during


Activated M cdk cyclin complex induces


Anaphse promting complex (APC) is activated by


Paul nurse, Leiand Hart well and Tim Hunt discovered


Study of tumours is called


Harmful and lethal tumours are called


Which is not applicable for benign tumours


A group of syndromes that are caused by mutations in somatic cells can be defined as


Uncontrolled and undifferentiated mass of cells is not circulatory tissue can be called


The classification of Cancers is based on their


Match the following and select the correct answers
List – I List


Malignant tumours of connective tissue origin are called