General Science MCQ-57


Which planet has the most circular orbit?


Which planet is known as the Red planet?


Who discovered the existence of water vapour in the Mars?


Who first observed the Saturn through a telescope?


Which gas is present in the atmosphere of Uranus?


Who discovered Neptune?


Which is the only satellite of the Earth?


Who first drew the chart of the Moon?


What is the density of the Earth?


What is the shape of the Earth?


When did the luminous Nova appear?


Which of the following is the most famous of all” comets?


Which scientist made a detailed study on Nova?


Who discovered the Radio telescope?


Which one of the following conditions is most relevant for the presence of life on Mars?


Which was the International Geophysical year?


The first scientist who gave detailed information about Nebulae was..,


The time taken by Pluto to revolve round the Sun is….


What is one light second?


What is one light minute?


Where is the largest reflecting telescope situated?


Which country has the largest refracting telescope?


Who propounded the signs of the Zodiac?


Who is the Father of Space Science?


Who was the oldest cosmonaut?