General Science MCQ-41


Consider the following statements:
1. Chromosomes contain information for inheritance of features from parents to next generation and are composed of DNA and carbohydrates.
2. Chromosomes are scattered in cytoplasm.
Which of the statements is / are true?


Bacteria belongs to which group of living kingdom?


Match List I with List II.
List I List II

A. Blue-Green algae 1. Fungi
B. Protozoa 2. Protista
C Saprophytes 3. Monera


Which carbon isotope is used as reference to define ‘Atomic Mass Unit’?


Skin diseases are generally caused by:


Match the different bee-varieties with their common name.
List I
A. Apis cerana indica
B. A. dorsata
C. A. florae
D. A.mellifera
List II

1. Italian bee
2. Indian bee
3. Little bee
4. Rock bee


If weight of a body on the moon is l/6th of that on the earth, then accordingly mass of body on the Moon is:


A sound wave has a frequency of 2 Khz and wave length 35 cm, what is its speed in m/s?


The speed of sound is maximum in


Which part of human eye controls the quantity of light entering the eye?


The speed of sound is maximum in:


Least distance of distinct vision for a young adult with normal vision is about:


A current of 2A is drawn by a filament for 5 minutes. Find the amount of electric charge that flows through the circuit?


Inside the magnet the direction of magnetic lines offerees is from:


Quantum theory was discovered by Max Planck. He is from:


Areometer is an instrument associated with measurement of:


Name the optical and chemical instrument for comparing the colour of beer samples:


Which instrument is used for analysing oil and fats?


The common refrigerant used in the domestic refrigerator is:


A fuse wire is characterised by: