General Science MCQ-59


Wind rose of a given location represents:


Assertion (A): Sustainable production of hay or green fodder is essential or uninterrupted supply of animal products.
Reason (R): Environmental concerns are detrimental for sustainable production of hay or green fodder.


For a clear sunny day with sun higher than 600 above horizon and wind speed greater than 6m/sec, the atmosphere is:


The time scale of meso- scale meteorological phenomenon is:


How CO emitted by automobiles prevents transfer of O2 in the body tissue?


In qualitative analysis the sulphides of Group II are precipitated in presence of dilute HCI, while of Group – IV are precipitated only in the presence of NH4 OH. It is because:


Arrange the following atmospheric gases in the decreasing order of their abundance:
I. Oxygen

II. Carbon dioxide
III. Argon
IV. Methane



Which of the following is equivalent to the number of substrate molecules converted to product in a given unit of time by a single enzyme molecule when the enzyme is saturated with substrate?


DOT is harmful from the ecological point of view mainly because it undergoes:


Which of the following radiations continuously act on 14N to produce I4C isotope in the atmosphere?


The proteins in the cell walls of microorganisms have an overall net negative charge at pH of most soil environments, because:




Which of the following is a nemato fungus?


The diatomaceous earth is used as a:


Assertion (A): Among microorganisms white-rot fungi most efficiently degrade lignin.

Reason (R): White -rot fungi produce lig -ninolytic enzymes.


In deep oceans, the phenomenon of inverted biomass pyramid occurs mainly due to:

I. Fast growth rate and high nutrient requirement of produces.
II. Rapid turnover rate and short life span of producers.
III. Slow growth rate and high nutrient requirement of herbivores.
IV. Slow turnover and long the life span of herbivores

Which of the following combination is correct?


Alpha diversity represents:


Population of two species may interact in several ways. One of these called protoco-operation occurs when:


The term benthos refers to communities which grow:


Pelagic sediments are found in the:


Pleistocene period began


Sodium and Potassium in rock and soil materials are generally estimated by


Match List I and List II in respect of the geochemical affinity of the elements:

List -I List -11
(A) Chalcophile (i) Carbon
(B) Lithophile (ii) Nitrogen
(C) Siderophile (iii) Sulphur
(D) Atmophile (iv) Oxygen
(E) Biophile (v) Iron

(A) (B) (C) (D) (E)


Match the List – 1 and List – II:

List-1 (Sedimentary Environment ) List -II (Rock Material)
(A) Deep Sea (i) Till
(B) Lakes (ii) Loess
(C) Desert (iii) Evaporite
(D) Glacier Margins (iv) Ooze

(A) (B) (C) (D)


Chemical weathering of rock, material is most effective in which of the following regions?