General Science MCQ-11

Science Railways,IAS Prelims,IBPS,SBI,KPSC,SSC,UPSC,Civil Services


The company `De Beers` deals in

(A) Cigarettes
(B) Beer
(C) Sports equipments
(D) Diamonds


The leguminous plants (legumes or dais) are important in agriculture because they

(A) Need very little water to grow
(B) Are disease-resistant
(C) Have a short life-cycle
(D) Help in nitrogen economy of the plants


The best indicator of the annual growth rate of population for an area over a decade is

(A) Average annual exponential growth rate
(B) Arithmetical annual growth rate
(C) Progressive growth rate
(D) Decadel growth rate divided ty ten


The energy released when one mole of an element in the form of gaseous atoms is converted into negative ions is called

(A) Bond energy
(B) Electron affinity
(C) Eiectronegativity
(D) lonization energy


Seen through a mirror the arms of a clock show What is the actual time?

(A) 30
(B) 30
(C) 30
(D) 10


Which of the following is the name of the first indigenousl developed Indian Super Computer ?

(A) Param
(B) Shakti
(C) Dharam
(D) Gati


The virus of AIDS affects th growth of

(A) T cells in blood
(B) Grey cells in brain
(C) Red corpuscles in blood
(D) Haemoglobin


Which variety of glass is the resistant ?

(A) Flint glass
(B) Hard glass
(C) Bottle glass
(D) Pyrex glass


The hydrological cycle

(A) Has a beginning but no end
(B) Is a water transfer cycle
(C) Occurs continuously in nature
(D) Has two phases : rainfall and run off


From which part of the Geranium plant is its oil (used In making perfumes) extracted?

(A) Leaves
(B) Roots
(C) Stems
(D) Flowers


A narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water is known as a/an

(A) Oasis
(B) isthmus
(C) Bay
(D) Strait


The minor planets revolving between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars are called

(A) Meteors
(B) Comet
(C) Asteroids
(D) Novas


Rainbow an arch in the sky usually seen after rain is the result of

(A) Reflection and refraction
(B) Refraction of light only
(C) Reflection of light only
(D) Neither of the two is concerned with its formation


Gresham`s law says that

(A) Proportionate relationship exists between money supply and output
(B) Good money drives bad money out of circulation
(C) Bad money drives good money out of circulation
(D) None of these


Following are the great discoveries in Physics :
2. Theory of Relativity
3.Super Conductivity
4.Raman Effect
The chronological order in which they were discovered is

(A) 1 3 2 4
(B) 1 2 3 4
(C) 2 1 4 3
(D) 4 1 2 3