General Science MCQ-64

Science Chemistry IAS Prelims,Railways,UPSC,KPSC,SSC,IBPS,SBI,RRB

Which of the following varieties are correctly matched to their respective plant types ?

List I—- List -II

I. CHS-1 (A) Rice
II. IR-8 (B) Wheat
III.RR-21 . (C) Jowar
IV. HB-4 (D) Sugarcane

(E) Bajra


What is a tissue culture ?


A woman with two genes, one for hemophilia and one for colour blindness one of its X-chromosomes, marries a normal man. The progeny will be:


Match the following:

List I— List II

A. Carbohydrates 1. It constitutes oil, ghee, butter and oilseeds
B. Fats 2. The basic substance of every cell in the body
C. Proteins 3. Excellent source of energy, constitutes starch
D. Amino acids 4. End product of protein hydrolysis




Which of the following factors is most responsible for the damage of stored food-grains?


What are cold-blooded animals ?


Binomial nomenclature refers to the


A herbarium is :


During elections, a permanent, chemical mark is put at the base of the nail of index finger while exercising your franchise. This mark is not seen after two months or so because


In calves that consume large quantities of milk, the curdling of milk takes place due to :


Roughage, a necessary constituent of diet, consists largely of indigestible :


People who live at high altitudes have rosy cheeks because:


The best position in which we can put a person when he has lost consciousness is:


Consider the following:

1. Platypus
2. Spiny ant eater
3. Kangaroos
4. Whale
Which of the above is the oviparous (egg laying) mammals?


Breathing through the nose is better because


Match the following:

List I
A. Beri-beri
B. Night-blindness
C. Scurvy
D. Haemorrhage

List II

1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin F
3. Vitamin K
4. Vitamin C
5. Vitamin B



Consider the following statements and find out the incorrect statement.


A doctor advises a patient to take plenty of citrus fruits, guavas, tomatoes and amalas over a period of two months regularly. What do you think is the complaint of the patient ?


The increase in population all over the world is due to:


When a person is suffering from poor renal absorption, which one of the following will not help in maintenance of blood volume :