General Science MCQ-63

General Science MCQ Quiz for IASPrelims,CDS,SSC,MPPSC,RRB,NDA Exams

The colloid used for Stomach troubles is


Colloidal silver is an effective________


Clouds consist of charged particles of water dispersed in ________________


The foul smell of rancid butter is due to


The acid present in sour milk is


Which one of the following animals is not poikilothermic (cold blooded)?


Which one of the following has powerful antiseptic action?


The chemical used in hair tonic and treating sprains is


The acid present in tomatoes is


The acid used in calico printing is


Which one of the following is not a fertiliser?


DDT is a common


BHC is a common


PVC is


The tempered steel is used in making


Gas leakage in LPG gas cylinder is identified by adding


Detergents are called


Petrochemical is used to prepare


________ is used in silvering of mirrors.


Jute wastes are used to make


Sodium carbonate is used in


The rays, that are used as a diagnostic tool in medicine and for the treatment of cancer, is


Bryology is the study of _____


Green plants of the forests are known as


________ is the oil yielding plant.