General Science MCQ-44


Average distance of Earth and Sun is measured in:


Choose the correct pair:

1. Presbyopia


Consider the following statements:

1. Plaster of paris is obtained by heating gypsum to 373k.
2. Washing soda is used for cleaning purposes and is manufactured by the soJvay process.
3. Steel is manufactured by bessemer converter process.
4. Main element of steel is chromium.

Choose the correct answer:


In Einstein’s equation E =MC2,/sup> ‘C’ is indicative of:


The discovery that stars smaller than 1.44 times the solar mass end up as ‘white dwarfs’ is discovered by:


Which of the following is commonly used substance in cloud seeding?


Which one of the following changes occur when salt is added in the water?


Which one of the following is used in the synthesis of polythene?


Match List I with List II.

List I——————-List II

A. Anaemia 1. Iron deficiency
B. Goiter 2. Iodine deficiency
C. Night blindness 3. Vitamim A deficiency
D. Beri-Beri 4. Vitamin B dificiency




An ice cube is floating in a glass of water. When the ice melts the water level will:


Radar is used mainly for:


The disease caused by swelling of the membrane over spinalcord and brain is:


Which of the following statements are correct? Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

1. Cholera is a disease caused by Virus
2. Athlete’s foot is a disease caused by bacteria

Choose the correct option:


Match List I with List II
List II
1. To measure intensity of light
2. To check purity of gold
3. To hear heart sound
4. To measure blood presure

List I

(a) Stethoscope
(b) Sphygnomanometer
(c) Caratometer
(d) Luxmeter



Which of the following samples are taken for DNA testing in criminal investigation?

1. Blood cells
2. Bone Cells
3. Hair strands

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below,


A: People with AB blood groups are universal recipients

R: Red blood cell of blood group AB has no antigen and so agglutination does not occur with any other blood group.


Which of the following vitamins is fat soluble?

1. Vitamin C
2. Vitamin A
3. Vitamin D
4. Vitamin E


Main metabolic function of Vitamin E is:


Consider the following statement and choose the incorrect among them.


‘Cobalt-60’ teletherapy is used in: