General Science MCQ-50

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Sarcomas are originated from the tissues derived from


Match the following and select the correct answer
A. Angiosarcoma
B. Chondrosarcoma
C. Osteosarcoma
D. Kaposis sarcoma
I. Bone
II. Blood vessels
III. Cartilage
IV. Blood cells


Malignant tumours of lymphoid organs are called


Liquid tumours affecting WBC growing in bone marrow are called


The following is an example for Leukemia


Malignant tumour of WBC in spleen and lymph nodes is called


Which of the following in an example of Lymphomas


Which of the following statements are correct


Tumours causing genes are called


Viral oncogenes are normally carried by


Avian sarcoma virus in chicken was demonstrated by


In active proto oncogenes are converted into active oncogenes to induce cancer when


Which statement is correct


Haemopoitic stem cells (HSCs) are


Pleuripotent cells mean the cells which give rise to


Embryonic pleuripotent cell are formed in foetal


As embryogenesis proceeds the process of haemopoiesis is taken up by


In adult mammals Haemopoiesis is continued by


Which of the following is a secondary stem cells


Committed progenitors of lymphoid lineage are


In birds B cells maturatian occur in


In Mammals pre B cells mature into B-cells with in


Non functional B-cells are differentiated into anti bodies producing plasma cells and memory cells in