General Science MCQ-53


One of the following methods for disposal of municipal solid waste known to be scientific is


One of the following is not an In situ conservation for biological resources.


Solar ponds are used for


Biodiesel is produced in India presently from


Ozone depletion is caused by the increase in the level of


Thermal power generation in India is carried out by burning


Biogas production in the outcome of


Mauna Loa, in Hawaii is famous for


To generate environmental awareness Pa-ryavaran Vahini Scheme was launched in


General Circulation Model (GCM’s) are used to


Among the following which country has lowest per capita green house gas emission?


Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act 1974, industries are allowed to release waste in inland water having BOD level,


Richael Carsson in her book Silent Spring has raised concern on


The term oligotrophic refers to


Following initiative under international efforts made to have household eco-friendly refrigerators.


The ‘mean’ that stands for relative importance of different items in a data set is


In symmetrical distribution pattern


Which statistical device helps in analyzing the co-variation of two or more variables?


Stoke’s law of settling velocity is represented by


Correct arrangement in order of decreasing soil particle size.


Compare continental and oceanic crust.


The size distribution of particles in sold and sediments generally follow.


Maximum density of water is at


Which group of mineral s represent


Garnet is a metamorphic product of