General Science MCQ -39


A: Non-metals do not react with water.
R: Some of the reactive non-metals are kept in water to protect them from the influence of air.


A: It is possible to culture viruses outside specific host cells.
R: In a virus, a small amount of genetic material in the form of DNA or RNA is enclosed in a protective protein coat.


A: Dispersion of light also takes place when white light passes through water drops.
R: The appearance of a rainbow in the sky is due to dispersion of sunlight by the water droplets present in the upper regions of the atmosphere.


Which of the following are synthetic indicators to test acid and bases in laboratory?
1. Turmeric
2. Litmus Paper
3. Methyl Orange
4. Phenolphthalein
Choose the correct options:


The carbonate and hydrogen carbonates of all metals react with acids to produce :
1. Salt
2. Water
3. Hydrogen Gas
4. CO2Gas
Choose the correct options:


The nature of nonmetallic oxide is:


Arrange following in ascending order of their pH value
: 1. Gastricjuice
2. Lemonjuice
3. Sodium hydroxide
4. Milk of magnesia
Choose the correct options:


Consider the following statements:
1. Greater the pH value of a solution, greater is the concentration of H3O+ ions in it.
2. pH value 14 means maximum concentration of (OH)ions.
Which of the above statement is / are true?


Match List I with List II.
List I (Natural Minerals) List II (Acid)
A. Vinegar (a) Citric acid
B. Orange (b) Tartaric acid
C. Tomato (c) Oxalic acid
D. Tamarind (d) Acetic acid


The speed of sound is maximum in:


Which of the following non-metal is generally found is liquid state?


‘Aqua Regia’ which is able to dissolve both gold and platinum is made up of:


Which of the following is not a property of ionic compounds?


Which of the following reactions are used to join railway tracks or crakced machine parts?


Which of the following methods is used to extract metals towards the top of activity series?


‘Wohlar Experiment’ is related to formation of:


How many bonds are there between carbon atoms in an unsaturated organic compound?
2. 2
3. 3
Choose the correct options:


The component of ‘denatured alcohol’ is :


‘Vinegar’ used as preservative is actually:


Nitrogenous waste products are removed from human blood in: