Quiz No:3973 Important GK Objective Questions Railways ,IncomeTax ,Customs ,SSC ,IES ,MPPSC Exams

General Awareness Questions and Answers for Customs,Central Excise,JPSC,KeralaPSC Exams

Question No:1

Which sea has no coastline ?

Saragossa sea

Question No:2

The International Date Line is approximately equal to

180th Meridian

Question No:3

Kiel Canal connects

Baltic Sea and North Sea

Question No:4

Tungabhadra is a tributary of

Krishna river

Question No:5

Duncan passage is located between

South and Little Andaman ”

Question No:6

The sudden and copious rainfall over a small area which often lasts for only a few minutes is a


Question No:7

Jet streams are usually found in the


Question No:8

Half of the world’s population lives in just six countries. These countries are

China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan

Question No:9

The most extensive soil cover of India is

Alluvial soil

Question No:10

When the Sun is nearest to the Earth, the Earth is said to be in


Question No:11

An apparatus used in aircrafts for measuring altitudes is called


Question No:12

Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute is located in


Question No:13

The study of the contours and qualities of mind from the shape of the skull is called


Question No:14

Trachoma is an infectious disease of


Question No:15

A gas will behave as an ideal gas at

Very low pressure and high temperature

Question No:16

The term octane number is related with


Question No:17

The mirror used for car headlight is

Parabolic concave

Question No:18

Which is the unit to measure the memory of the computer?


Question No:19

Coloured glasses for goggles contain

Ferrous oxide

Question No:20

Colour of a star is an indication of its


Question No:21

The important crop of Barak Valley is


Question No:22

Whiptail is a disorder of cauliflower due to deficiency of


Question No:23

” The colour of tomato is red due to the presence of


Question No:24

The optimum cardinal temperature point for germination of rice seeds is

20°C to 25°C

Question No:25

‘Red Delicious’ is a variety of


Question No:26

Prabhat is a short duration variety of

Red gram

Question No:27

Karan-3 is a husk less variety of


Question No:28

Which disease occurs, when sorghum is consumed in excessive quantity?


Question No:29

Which culture should be given priority in groundnut cultivation?


Question No:30

500-1000 mm rain fail and 18° to 22°C temperature is the ideal condition to cultivate


Question No:31

XXI Commonwealth Games in 2018 will be hosted by

Gold Coast (Australia)

Question No:32

Number of players in a team of Water Polo is


Question No:33

‘Fianchetto’ is a strategy in the game of


Question No:34

Who was the first Indian to win an individual medal in Olympics?

K. D. Jadhav

Question No:35

Rory Mcilroy is the famous player of


Question No:36

A Kabaddi team usually has

Seven players

Question No:37

Who was the first captain of Indian Test team?

C. K. Nayudu