Quiz No:2163 General Awareness Practice Questions for CentralExcise, SSC, NDA, MPPSC, Customs, UPSC, IASPrelims, TSPSC, WBSSC Exams

General Knowledge Model Questions for IASPrelims, NDA, IncomeTax, SSC, CDS, KeralaPSC, MPPSC, RRB Exams

Percentage of carbon in steel ranges from


Which of the following is not present in German-silver ?


Who propounded the theory Of ‘”Economic Drain of India’ during British imperialism ?


First Indian Commander-in-Chief was


A computer virus is


India has a coastline of


jawahar Tunnel, the largest in India, is located in the State of


The most literate Union Territory in India is


Which of the following is the smallest Parliamentary Constituency in terms of area ?


Who is the author of the book ‘Two Lives” ?


Which of the following sets of countries are referred to as ‘The Golden Crescent’ the largest opium industry in the world


Which is the anti-coagulant substance in blood ?


Who coined the term ‘Hindu rate-of growth” for Indian economy ?


The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) consists of


Which one of the following companies announced the launch Of India’s first personal computer with one terabyte hard drive capacity ?


Which of the following has not been included in the list of new seven wonders ?


The major harmful gas emitted by automobile vehicles which causes air pollution is


Who among the following is not a classical economist ?


‘World Bank’ is also known as


By which Bill does the Government propose collection of revenues for a year ?


Which is the oldest trade union organisation in India?


Prof. Amartya Sen was awarded Nobel Prize for his contribution to the field of


Which of the following items is n major item of Indian export ?


Indian agriculture is typically’, characterised as


The process of curing inflation by reducing money supply is called