Quiz No:3975 General Awareness MCQ KeralaPSC ,BiharSSC ,TNPSC ,HaryanaPSC ,RRB Exams

Basic GK Questions and Answers for Railways,IES,CRPF,BSF,Income Tax Exams

Question No:1

The main security guard of international trade is


Question No:2

National Rural Development Institute is located in


Question No:3

‘Closed Economy’ is that economy in which

Neither export nor import takes place

Question No:4

The most important factor in soil erosion is

Action of wind and water

Question No:5

The Almatti Dam is constructed on the river


Question No:6

Sand stone is metamorphosed into


Question No:7

Trans-Canadian Highway links

St. John City to Vancouver

Question No:8

The Lowest density in India is recorded in North-Eastern state of

Arunachal Pradesh

Question No:9

The cold current flowing along the Western Coast of South America from south to north is called

Peru current

Question No:10

Kishtwar town is situated on The Bank of The river


Question No:11

National Institute of Oceanography is located in


Question No:12

Lipulekh pass is situated in

Himachal Pradesh

Question No:13

Which State of India receives rain when The Summer Monsoon recedes?

Tamil Nadu

Question No:14

‘Milk of Magnesia’ is a suspension of

Magnesium Hydroxide

Question No:15

The part of the human brain that retains memory is the


Question No:16

The device to convert alternating current into direct current is


Question No:17

Which organ is affected in Pneumonia?


Question No:18

Formation of Red Blood Corpuscles (RBC) takes place in

Bone marrow

Question No:19

Isotopes are atoms of the element with

Same atomic number but different atomic weight

Question No:20

The commonly used safety fuse wire is made of

An alloy of tin and lead

Question No:21

Cathode rays when obstructed by metal cause emission of


Question No:22

Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of

Nuclear fusion

Question No:23

Carbon credit’ is a term associated with the

Protection of environment

Question No:24

Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research is located in


Question No:25

Central Rice Research Institute is located in


Question No:26

High rainfall, abundant sunshine, gently sloping land and well drained soil are the suitable conditions of the cultivation of


Question No:27

Ergot is the disease of


Question No:28

Mixed cropping is useful when

Crops with different nutritional requirement are grown

Question No:29

HB-4 is a high yielding variety of


Question No:30

Two rice crops are raised in a year from the same field in


Question No:31

COJ-64 and CO-7717 are early maturing varieties of


Question No:32

The second largest agro-based industry in India is

Sugar industry

Question No:33

Largest saffron growing state in India is

Jammu & Kashmir

Question No:34

Mahela Jayawardene is the legendary batsman of

Sri Lanka

Question No:35

Roger Federer is the star tennis player of


Question No:36

Hop man Cup is associated with which game?

Lawn Tennis

Question No:37

Maracana Stadium is located in

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Question No:38

The terms LBW, Midfield and Slip are used in