Quiz N0:3950 General Awareness MCQ BiharSSC ,Customs ,IncomeTax ,JPSC ,CRPF ,BSF Exams

General Awareness Questions and Answers for SSC-CGL,NDA,CDS,APPSC,TSPSC Exams

Question No:1

According to the Ramayana, whose flag had a Veena motif on it?


Question No:2

Which State did P A Sangma serve as Chief Minister from 1988 to 1990 ?


Question No:3

Which building in Rajasthan was built to provide employment to people during a period of famine?

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Question No:4

Which poet wrote ‘Rann beech chowkri bhar bharkar chetak ban gaya nirala tha. Rana Pratapne ghore se, pad gaya hawa kapalatha’?

Shyam Narayan Pandey

Question No:5

Which city does the Yamuna Express Way connect with Greater Noida?


Question No:6

Who is the only woman to become the Chief Election Commissioner of India ?

D. VS Ramadevi

Question No:7

How many bones does an elephant’s trunk have?


Question No:8

According to Kalhana’s ‘Rajatarangini’, who drained out the water from Kashmir Valley, that was a vast Lake, and made it habitable?

Sage Kashyapa

Question No:9

The awarding of gold medals for first place, silver medals for second and bronze medals for third began in which Olympics?

1904, St louis

Question No:10

In 1860, Which British official became the first auditor General of India?

Sir Edmund Drummond

Question No:11

Which sportswoman is a five-time world champion in her sport?

M C Mary Kora

Question No:12

Who is the first woman to become CEO of the soft drink giant Pepsi CO?

Indra Nooyi

Question No:13

Complete this quote by Bal Gangadhar Tilak,” Swaraj is my _____ and I will have it”?


Question No:14

Which of these figures is portrayed in Vijay Tendulkar’s play ‘ Ghasiram Kotwal ‘ ?

Nana Phadnavis

Question No:15

Which State in India has the longest coastline of about 1600 Km?


Question No:16

Who is the first woman to win the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna?

Karnam Malleswari

Question No:17

Who was called ‘Father of the Lok Sabha’ by Pandit Nehru ?

B. G V Mavalankar

Question No:18

Sanganer, situated near Jaipur, is a renowned centre of what kind of handicraft ?

Block printing

Question No:19

In which State would you find the district of Kokrajhar ?


Question No:20

At the instigation of Mughal prince Salim, whom did Bir Singh Bundela assassinate ?

Abul Fazi

Question No:21

Which is the only district in India that shares its boundary with four states ?


Question No:22

Who is the oldest person, at the age of 90, to have won the Nobel Prize ?

Leonid Hurwicz

Question No:23

In 1496, RBI introduced bank notes in what series?

Mahatma Gandhi Series

Question No:24

Which historic tragedy is highlighted in Amrita Pritam’s novel’ Pinjar’?

Indo- Pak Relations

Question No:25

Which entrepreneur’s autobiographical work is tilted ‘ It Happened in India’ ?

Kishore Biyani

Question No:26

Which leader said to cartoonist Shankar, ‘Don’t spare me’ when he inaugurated Shankar’s Weekly in 1948 ?

Jawaharlal Nehru

Question No:27

What was the title of India’s first feature film made by Dadasahed Phalke ?

Raja Harishchandra

Question No:28

In international cricket, what was first introduced in an ODI between Zimbabwe and England on 1 January 1997 ?

Duckworth Lewis Method

Question No:29

Which state has the largest coal reserve in India?


Question No:30

Which Union territory has the lowest sex ratio?


Question No:31

What is the number of districts in India according to census 2011?


Question No:32

Who founded the Indian Boy Scouts’ Association around 1917 in Madras?

Annie Besant

Question No:33

On Which mission did Neil Armstrong first go into space ?

Apollo 11

Question No:34

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the World’s largest and highest energy particle accelerator, is situated at which organization?

Conseil European pour la Recherche Nucleaire, which is French for “European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

Question No:35

According to the 2011 Census, which of these cities has the highest population after Mumbai and Delhi?


Question No:36

What has the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier bought by India been renamed?

INS Vikramaditya

Question No:37

What was the code-name of the Hyderabad Police Action undertaken to get Hyderabad State to become part of India in 1948?

Operation Polo