Quiz No:3972 Basic GK Objective Questions RRB ,SSC ,NDA ,IES ,Customs ,CRPF ,BSF Exams

GK Questions and Answers for UPSC,IncomeTax,TNPSC,KeralaPSC,BSF,CRPF Exams

Question No:1

The Panchayati Raj is based on the principle of

Democratic decentralization

Question No:2

Which Article of the Constitution of India abolishes untouchability?

Article 17

Question No:3

Right to Information Act does not apply to the state of

Jammu & Kashmir

Question No:4

The ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity as enshrined in the preamble to the constitution are inspired by the

French Revolution

Question No:5

The words socialist, secular and unity and integrity of the nation were added to our constitution by

42nd amendment of the constitution

Question No:6

The Chairman of the Constituent Assembly was

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Question No:7

The Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution was

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Question No:8

Which Article of Indian constitution ensures Freedom of Press in India?

Article 19

Question No:9

The members of Rajya Sabha are elected for a term of

Six years

Question No:10

The minimum age required to become the Prime Minister of India is

25 years

Question No:11

Who accused Indian National Congress of practicing ‘Politics of prayer petition and protest’?

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Question No:12

K. T. Telang, Pherozeshah Mehta and Badruddin Tyabji were popularly known as the

Bombay Triumvirate’

Question No:13

Who called Lord Irwin and Mahatma Gandhi as the ‘Two Mahatmas’?

Sarojini Naidu

Question No:14

An anti-British outfit ‘Abhinava Bharat’ was founded by

V. D. Savarkar

Question No:15

Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were sentenced to death in

Lahore conspiracy case

Question No:16

Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place in the city of


Question No:17

Who was the Finance Minister of India in the Interim Government during 1946-47?

Liaquat All Khan

Question No:18

The writer of the book ‘India’s Second Freedom’ is

Loknayak Jaiprakash Narain

Question No:19

Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?

Bhagat Singh

Question No:20

Communal Award of 1932 is also known as

Ramsay McDonald Award

Question No:21

The battle between Alexander and Porus took place on the bank of the river


Question No:22

The last king of Mauryan empire was


Question No:23

The famous Buddhist scholar Aswaghosh was a contemporary of

King Kanishka

Question No:24

The famous historian who visited India with Mahmud Ghazni was


Question No:25

The Italian traveller who visited Vijayanagar with his wife around 1 420 was

Nicolo de Conti

Question No:26

The uprising of 1857 was described as the first Indian war of Independence by

V. D. Savarkar

Question No:27

The term ‘Khalisa’ in Mughal administration signified the —Land owned by the emperor himself Tipu Sultan was the ruler of


Question No:28

The First Anglo-Burmese War was concluded by the treaty of


Question No:29

Lingaraj Temple is located in


Question No:30

The company in which shareholders possess the ownership limited to their paid up capital is called

Limited Company

Question No:31

The first fully literate district outside the Kerala state is

Wardhaman (West Bengal)

Question No:32

Inflation with depression is called


Question No:33

Committee on decontrolling the prices of petrol and diesel was headed by

Kirit S. Parekh

Question No:34

Aam Admi Bima Yojana provides social security to

All landless labours living below poverty line in rural areas

Question No:35

The first air conditioned double Decker train in India has been started between

Howarah and Dhanbad

Question No:36

National Rural Development Institute is located at


Question No:37

The recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission will come into effect for a five year period from

April 1,2015