Current General Awareness-23

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Financial services delivering at less cost or at no cost, to sections of d is advantaged and low

(A) Financial Inclusion
(B) Financial Interpretation
(C) Financial Selection
(D) Financial Interpretation
(E) Financial Extremism

Which among the following statements is

(A) bringing of banking services to rural areas as it is a formal route of deposits and lending
(B) creating the awareness about the legal financial services to escape from the clutches of money lenders
(C) Exclude the rich people from banking services as they evade taxes and create black money
(D) creating the cheap and best modes of the services in the fields of deposits and fund transfers for entire population
(E) providing the CBS (Core Banking Solutions) to rural areas also

Khan commission recommendations were incorporated in mid-term review of the policy (2005-06). Which type of accounts were recommended in that report?

(A) No-Frill Accounts
(B) Over Draft Accounts
(C) Reading Accounts
(D) No-Fill Accounts
(E) Good Accounts

RBI appointed which committee in 2013, to assess the approach of financial inclusion?

(A) Urjith Patel
(B) Raghuram Rajan
(C) Nachiket Mor
(D) Manmohan Singh
(E) Arvind Subramanian

On 10 August 2012, RBI said the ‘No-Frill1 accounts may be treated as BSBDA. In this context, BSBDA stands for…..

(A) Bond Savings Bank Deposit Account
(B) Basic Savings Bar Deposit Account
(C) Basic Savings Bank Deposit Amount
(D) Basic Savings Bank Dormant Account
(E) Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

The Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) can be opened by ……

(A) Public sector banks
(B) Private sector banks
(C) Foreign banks operating in India
(D) Regional Rural Banks
(E) All of above

The balance to be maintained by the Customer in the BSBDA is……

(A) Rs.1,000
(B) Rs.500
(C) Rs.250
(D) Rs.50
(E) No minimum balance required

To open the BSBDA, the initial deposit to open the account must be…….

(A) Rs.100
(B) Rs.500
(C) Rs.1,000
(D) Rs.5,000
(E) No initial deposit needed

The facility not available in the BSBDA is….

(A) deposit amount
(B) withdrawing of cash
(C) ATM card
(D) withdrawal form facility
(E) All above facilities available

Total credits in the BSBDA should not exceed ………

(A) 2 Lakh per year
(B) 5 Lakh per year
(C) 10 Lakh per year
(D) 8 Lakh per year
(E) 1 Lakh per year