Current Affairs MCQ-19

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The ISRO launched PSLV C-38 rocket from Srihankota, Andhra Pradesh recently carrying 30 co-passenger satellites along with the

(A) Cartosat-2
(B) Asrosat
(C) South Asia Satellite
(E) GSAT-15

Which for following power sector majors recently offered to sell 51 per cent of Mundra plant for just Rs 1?

(A) Tata Power
(B) Reliance Power
(C) Adani Power
(D) Torrent Power
(E) JSW Energy

Which of the following countries has topped the list of the countries in terms of the human impact on environment per person prepared by Money Super Market?

(A) Kenya
(B) Latvia
(C) Zambia.
(D) Ethiopia
(E) Mozambique

Which of the following companies completed the acquisition of Yahoo recently?

(A) Oracle
(B) Verizon
(C) 3} Google
(D) Microsoft
(E) Face book

ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission completed 1000 earth days in orbit recently. India has plans to send Mangalyaan 2.0 and a new mission to which planet after 2020?

(A) Mercury
(B) Jupiter
(C) Venus
(D) Saturn
(E) None of these

The market regulator Sebi has decided to ease the entry norms for overseas investors by permitting a direct access to FPIs from eligible jurisdictions. The term FPI means

(A) Foreign Preferential Investors
(B) Foreign Participatory Investors
(C) Foreign Promotional Investors
(D) Foreign Portfolio Investors
(E) None of these

The RBI has extended the scope of Banking Ombudsman Scheme and has doubled the pecuniary jurisdiction of the Banking Ombudsman to pass an award to

(A) Rs021akh
(B) Rs 05 lakh
(C) Rs 10 lakh
(D) Rs 12 lakh
(E) Rs 20 lakh

According to the latest RBI data, the gross fiscal deficits of all the states skyrocketed to what amount in 2016-17?

(A) Rs 2.93 tn
(B) Rs3.93tn
(C) Rs 4.93 tn
(D) Rs5.93 tn
(E) Rs 6.93 tn

Mihai Tudose has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of

(A) Estonia
(B) Eretria
(C) Cambodia
(D) Romania
(E) Nigeria

PM Narendra Modi visited Netherlands after his recent visit to the US. The capital city of Netherlands is

(A) Helsinki
(B) Amsterdam
(C) Madrid
(D) Copenhagen
(E) Wellington

The European Union slapped which of the following firms with a record $2.7-bn fine recently?

(A) Microsoft 21 Huavei
(B) Chile,
(C) Colombia
(D) Serbia
(E) Suriname

The Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) manages which of the following?

(A) Foreign currencies
(B) Govt securities
(C) Proceeds from divestment
(D) Foreign Direct Investment
(E) None of these