Computer Knowledge MCQ-45

If a user needs information instantly available to the CPU, it should be stored __

(A) on a CD
(B) in secondary storage
(C) in the CPU
(D) in RAM
(E) None of these

IBM stands for

(A) Integrated Business Machine
(B) International Business Machine
(C) Internal Business Machine
(D) Indian Business Machine
(E) None of these

In second generation, which type of memory was used to store data?

(A) Paper tapes
(B) Magnetic drum
(C) Magnetic core
(D) Magnetic tape
(E) Magnetic disk

Which of the following is available in the form of a PC now?

(A) Mainframe
(B) Micro computer
(C) Mini computer
(D) Both (b) and (c)
(E) None of the above

LCD stands for

(A) Liquefied Crystal Display
(B) Liquefied Cathode Display
(C) Liquid Crystal Display
(D) Liquid, Cathode Display
(E) None of these

Motherboard is also known as

(A) Electronic Board (EB)
(B) Simulating Board (S
(C) Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
(D) Combined Device Board (CDB)
(E) Controller Board (CB)

When the CPU detects an interrupt, then it saves its __.

(A) current state
(B) previous state
(C) next state
(D) all of the above
(E) None of the above

Which of the following groups consist of only input devices?

(A) Mouse, keyboard, monitor
(B) Mouse, keyboard, printer
(C) Mouse, keyboard, plotter
(D) Mouse, keyboard, scanner
(E) None of the above

A light-sensitive device that converts drawings, printed text or other images into digital form is called

(A) keyboard
(B) plotter
(C) scanner
(E) None of these

Printer is an example of

(A) Output device
(B) Input device
(C) Processing device
(D) Storage device
(E) None of these

Hard disk drives, CD drives and DVD drives are examples of

(A) Storing
(B) Back up
(C) Storage
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

The space between the read/write ceramic head of a disk drive and the disk platter called fly-height is of theorder of

(A) 0.0125 mm
(B) 0.0025 mm
(C) 0.006 mm
(D) 1.012 mm
(E) None of these

In hexadecimal number system C denotes to __.

(A) 11
(B) 12
(C) 13
(D) 14
(E) 15

This can be another name for program

(B) Hard-disk
(C) Hardware
(D) Software
(E) None of these

Turn on the computer for first time on a day is called a

(A) Warm boot
(B) Cool boot
(C) Cold boot
(D) Hot boot
(E) None of these

The __ commands are those which are included with “” and no external file is needed to run those commands.

(A) External
(B) Internal
(C) Super
(D) Wild cards
(E) None of these