Computer/IT MCQ-238

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The basic input output system (BIOS) is stored in


The operating system allows users to organize the computers contents in a hierarchical structure of directories that include all of the following EXCEPT


Using Windows Explorer, a plus (+) sign in front of a folder indicates


An application program that helps the user to change any number and immediately see the result of that change is


What is the responsibility of the logical unit in the CPU of a computer?


The number of characters that can be stored in given physical space is


When you are selecting a mouse for a particular computer system, what is the most important consideration?


If text was highlighted and Edit Copy was clicked, what would happen?


Which of the following are advantages of CDROM as a storage media?






A microprocessor is the brain of the computer and is also called a(n))


Storage and memory differ with respect to which of the following characteristics?


What are two examples of freeware?


If a disk drive fails but the computer application running and using it can continue processing, this application is said to have been designed with this feature


What is ecommerce?


What are the four things needed to connect to the Internet?


Which of the following functions are not performed by servers?


Which media have the ability to have data information stored (written) on them by users more than once?


The process of transferring files from a computer on the internet to your computer is called




Which of the following could be digit input devices for computers?




You can use the