Computer/IT MCQ-253

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The justification that aligns text on both margins of a document in Word is


A partially completed workbook that contains formulas and formatting, but no data, is called a


A byte can represent any number between and


Connectivity for a new computer means




The shortcut key Ctrl+F in Word is used


The most widely used code that represents each character as a unique bit code is


Operating systems and utility programs are in a class of software known as


OCR stands for


The Open, Print and Save buttons are all located on the


To copy a cell, you would drag the cell border while simultaneously holding down the Ctrl key when


The permanently etched program in ROM that automatically begins executing the computers instructions is the


Information stored in RAM is considered volatile, which means it is


The display size of a monitor is measured


The name of a Microsoft Office Word document is displayed in both


Excel is designed to provide visual cues to the relationships between the cells that provide values to the formulas o the cell that depend on the formulas by


A limitation of software that digitises voice data is that it


External devices such as printers, keyboards and modems are known as;


The higher the resolution of a monitor, the


This Excel feature includes functions to calculate an Average, Minimum, Maximum and Count


For a computer to recognise and understand analog data, it must first be


Expansion cards are inserted into


Which type of software is distributed free but requires the users to pay some amont for further use ?


A pixel is a:


The most common pointing input device is the